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Pour soap kisses on me!

Hello there! Soap challenge time again. 2021 /02 – this month’s subject was “Kiss Pour”. Valentine’s day casts its shadow ahead. The kiss pour technique is actually quite self explanatory. No, it’s not intended you […]

She’s got the jack…

The Union Jack, to be precise… Before you utter medical advice – let me explain.. The entry date for November’s soap challenge was approaching. Fast. Same same as last time…Even though I had seen what […]

Brighter than a thousand suns…

Ladies and Gentlemen, Senores y Senoras – here we go ! IT’S SOAPCHALLENGE TIME AGAIN!!! You might remember the last time I made soap for the Soapchallenge Club – then in June it was the […]

If life throws you the (protective) gauntlet….

pick it up and make some soap! Soap Challenge Club meets Superbini… Once upon a time, our budding soapmaking talent came across a club in the depth of the world wide web. Even not being […]